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The most remarkable

The most remarkable thing is that he reconstructed "the first domestic college" in Jiangxi - White Deer College. His rules and regulations have also become the basic norms of running a school in the Chinese feudal society more than 700 years since the Southern Song Dynasty, and have also become one of the earliest rules and regulations in the history of education in China.
At the age of 54, Zhu Xi resigned from his post and returned to his hometown. He claimed to be "Wuyishan Zhongke" and set up a large-scale academy under Zhiping Peak in Wuyishan - Ziyang College. Since then, he has received discipleship here, book teaching, up to six years, cultivation of a large number of students.
Six years spent in the Ziyang College, Quartet friends have also come to vote, with him a total of enjoy the joy of landscapes. This time can be described as the most pleasant time in Zhu Xi's life. He took a friend Wuyishan with friends in the nine river, made a "Nine Songs Acura":
Wuyi Mountain Faerie, mountain cold song melody. To find a strange and extraordinary, Acura slack two or three sound.
Fishing on the edge of a stream, mantle Pavilion peak dipped in Riverside. Hongqiao a break without news, thousands of thousands of rock lock Tsui smoke.
Two Slim Yu pinnacle, flower arrangement Lin Shui who Rong. Taoist dreams do not make a balcony, into the mountain a few before.
Three Song Jun look at the ship, I do not know stopped geometric years. Mulberry sea this way, foam wind dare to self-pity.
Four things rock two rocks, rock flowers hanging blueberry. No one see the golden rooster, the full moon full of landscapes.
Five high mountains and deep clouds, dark rain for a long time. Forest guest guest knowledge, alas is in the hearts of eternal.
Six screens around Bay Green, 茆 Ci cover firewood off all day. Relying on Rock off to rock, apes do not panic frightened.
Seven moving boat on the blue, hidden screen cactus look back. Pity last night peak rain, Tim Fest Spring added a few cold.
Eight winds want to open, Gulou rock drenched. Mo Yan no good here, since visitors are not up.
Nine will be the poor eye suddenly, Sans Ma rain see Hirakawa. Fisherman also look for Taoyuan Road, except that there is a world apart.
Qian Zhongshu, a university scholar, once commented on this poem: "If a Taoist's poetry collection does not have a large proportion of lectures, willing to allow some idioms, he will be regarded as a great poet in the Taoist school, such as Zhu Xi." Indeed , The song "Nine Songs of Acura" Brisk, transparent, read all over the clouds, 缥 缈 song, ear reminding us of songs, and its author, is that who had put forward "save the natural desires," Zhu Xi, a pseudo-philosopher.
If there is no comprehensive study of Confucian classics, history, literature, music and even natural science, Zhu Xi can not become a "great poet among the Taoists."
The year that Guangzong succeeded him, Zhu Xi was already a year-old man, but he was still called out of the mountain, but the following year he left his hometown again. In the meantime, he was again in Fujian to repair kiosk academy, although also after official travel, but only to give priority to the industry.

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