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How does a pregnant woman choose to eat fish scientifically

"Eating fish during pregnancy keeps your baby's eyes bright and intelligent," so eat more fish during pregnancy. However, due to the contamination of rivers with mercury waste water and the amplification of food chain, the consumption of contaminated fish, shrimp and shellfish is equivalent to the indirect consumption of a large amount of mercury. During pregnancy, should this fish be eaten or not?

It's true that when you eat fish that are contaminated by water, you do get something toxic at the same time. Research has found that high levels of mercury in pregnant women can lead to abnormal brain development in fetuses. Mercury is deposited in the fetal adipose tissue and brain through the placenta, and can affect the central nervous system through the blood-brain barrier. It is also passed to the baby through breast milk. Pregnant mothers should be careful when choosing fish to avoid mercury.

Expectant mothers can choose to eat fish. Suggestions:

Avoid eating large fish such as sharks, swordfish, blue and white fish, and horse heads.

Fat is the most easy to store mercury, eat fish to remove the skin, avoid eating fish offal and shark fin.

Eat more small fish with low mercury content. Pregnant women consume about 7 two small fish with low mercury content (such as sardines, tuna, etc.) every week.

Small freshwater fish or farmed fish at the bottom of the food chain can reduce their intake of methylmercury and allow pregnant mothers to enjoy the health benefits of seafood.

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