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JingDong Airlines and China Eastern Airlines enter into Strategic

 JingDong Airlines and China Eastern Airlines enter into Strategic Cooperation to establish domestic and International Air cargo Network
 Tencent Technology News (Sun Hongchao) June 26, JingDong Group announced today that China Eastern Airlines (hereinafter referred to as "Eastern Airlines") signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will cooperate in the fields of air logistics, air passenger transport, brand promotion, enterprise procurement, membership system, information construction, etc.
 According to the agreement, China Eastern Airlines will provide value-added services such as freight, transportation and dispatching to the eastern part of Beijing. The two sides will share site resources, realize the docking of process and system, open up a green channel for safety inspection and distribution, build domestic and foreign air cargo network, and improve the performance of air logistics.
 At present, China Eastern Airlines has opened a formal flagship store in JingDong Mall, and will join the JingDong ticketing department as a core partner to provide high-quality resources for domestic and foreign airline tickets and related products. The two sides will jointly explore and segment the user market and launch customized products and services for different user groups. In addition, JingDong Airlines and China Eastern Airlines will break through the membership system, optimize the E-commerce system of China Eastern Airlines, and achieve integral exchanges with JingDong members. JingDong will use its platform and marketing capabilities to provide consumers with an automated mix of direct air tickets, airport services and tourism products.
 JingDong Logistics Chief Executive Officer Wang Zhenhui said: at the end of April this year, JingDong Logistics operated independently, aiming to build a value network of intelligent supply chains such as logistics, e-commerce, finance, insurance, data and technology with many partners. Help the upstream and downstream partners to reduce the supply chain cost and increase the supply chain cost. Improve circulation efficiency. As one of the top ten airlines in the world, China Eastern has a complete aviation logistics industry chain and strong transportation support capacity. At present, China Eastern Airlines is working hard to create a rapid supply chain platform, better integrate social resources, to provide customers with integrated air-to-ground logistics air transport services.
 Jingdong also works with China Eastern Airlines to purchase and manage materials on the Internet. Jingdong Airlines will meet the centralized procurement needs of China Eastern Airlines, including office, information, labor insurance supplies, as well as special aviation fresh, clothing and other commodities. Jingdong will dock with China Eastern Airlines internal ERp purchasing system. The purchasing staff of China Eastern Airlines can visit the Jingdong Special Administrative Region for purchasing by logging into the company's internal system. In the future, Jingdong will also customize a series of exclusive platforms for China Eastern Airlines, including commodities, management processes, account systems, reconciliation processes, supply chains and so on. It will also provide China Eastern Airlines with accurate large-scale data analysis based on merchandise procurement to achieve large-scale material data management to meet China Eastern Airlines'procurement needs based on air transport scenarios. C'mon.
 In this cooperation, JingDong will also, as a technical partner of China Eastern Airlines, comprehensively upgrade the level of information construction of China Eastern Airlines, actively participate in the practice of various cloud applications in China Eastern Airlines, and continue to promote the deployment of public cloud applications in the infrastructure cloud of JingDong. Assist China Eastern Airlines to build a shopping mall and establish an internal purchasing system. China Eastern Airlines will work in the area of big data analysis with JingDong Airlines to enhance the development function of the OA system. At the same time, as a data trading platform authorized by JingDong, Beijing Oriental Vientiane big data platform will open flight data information, ticket data information and aviation logistics information, after desensitization more applications.
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JingDong Airlines and China Eastern Airlines enter
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