Sad melody


Nothing is impossible

I once said: "afraid of the dark, afraid to sleep. Looking back on the past, sleep is simply torture, a night can wake up 50 times, continue in a dream, feeling like a long series. If someone in the ear says, life without instrument, what is dead, after a mediocre life, in vain, closed my eyes is kept floating in front of change. Only by constantly changing, can we constantly get reborn, constantly break through ourselves, continue to exceed the limit, I can only move forward." For the Ming Dynasty no regrets, I struggle today, march forward courageously, with 168 days as a bet, harvest next year in June without regret life!
No, a high ignorant, away from the high school of the germination, we have more mature, less a self willed. Imperceptibly...... Senior three broke into our world!
About dreams, we all have a blueprint for our future. Today, standing here, we are all for the time we have missed, and efforts to trace the lost. So it's destined for us to give more effort.
Soon after the monthly exam wiped tears, bravely raised his head firmly on the way to run. Whether successful or not, as long as we have fought, worked hard, have no regrets! We just need to tell their efforts, regardless of whether the front is smooth or muddy. The dream is not far away from us!

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Sad melody
Now I have three, let me understand the affection of transient time lost. The yearning for his father is undoubtedly the best interpretation, the desire for brotherhood is undoubtedly the best proof.
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