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Tim Cook sells iPad while advertising his alma mater

CEOs are fond of saying they live and breathe the products their companies make.

Many, indeed, just can't resist peddling them at every opportunity.

Here, then, is Apple CEO Tim Cook appearing in an ad for his alma mater, Auburn University.

You'd think he might have taken this opportunity to speak seriously to the camera about what a wonderful place the Alabama-located college is.

He might have offered gratitude for everything Auburn had taught him.

Instead, here he is holding an etradesupply and performing the War Eagle Auburn fight-song gesture with the other.

This involves swirling your arm around and around, as if you're about to lasso an elephant, while simultaneously chanting "War."

So much for the allegedly pacifist nature of college education.

Cook, though, can't resist also including FaceTime in the ad. For not entirely clear reasons, a female Auburn fan at a football stadium is also holding up an iPad with Cook's face -- in full War Eagle-chanting contortion -- on it.

Perhaps she was in the middle of a job interview with Cook when he began chanting.

Cook isn't the only Auburn-educated tech type appearing in the ad. Tesla engineer Robert Cofield and CEO of BP Wind Energy Laura Folse also show their (en)chanting sides.

It's all, of course, designed to coincide with the start of the college football season, for which ESPN ranks Auburn the 12th best team in the nation.

Young men risking their brains being bashed in sells young people on exercising their brains at school.

Cook also appears in a separate video (below) in which he talks about the Auburn experience and what it meant for him.

But which are you more likely to remember? Tim Cook talking seriously about academic life or Tim Cook waving his arms around and making a strange face, while chanting and holding an cell phone replacement ?

Tim Cook
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