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OnePlus 5T initial review: Flagship killer goes all-screen

Continuing the trend it started just last year, OnePlus yet again refreshed its flagship with a "T" version. And, while it may not look exactly the same as the OnePlus 5, there are fewer hardware changes than there were between the OnePlus 3 and 3T.

Solid simplicity

At a glance, from the back or the sides, the OnePlus 5T looks very similar to the OnePlus 5 that launched earlier this year. It's kept the same focus on using quality materials, designed in a way too both look good and feel great sitting in your palm.

OnePlus 5T image 1

It's a unibody aluminium build, which feels very solid and also very slim and comfortable thanks to the curves that extend from the back, up the edges, to form that "horizon line" along the sides.

You'll find the same arrangement of buttons and ports as the previous Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + parts too. That means the volume rocker and the ever-useful alert switch are both on the left edge, while the power button and SIM tray are embedded in the opposite side.

As OnePlus has been keen to point out during pre-launch teasers, there is a 3.5mm jack on the bottom edge, alongside the USB-C port and the loudspeaker.

One thing we really like here, as with the previous model, is the Midnight Black finish. It's made up of three layers that are just 14 microns thick, and finished in such a way that it's resistant to both scratches and fingerprints, so your phone should look new for much longer than most other phones.

If there's anything you could regard as "missing" in a flagship phone of 2017, it's a water and dust resistance certificate. OnePlus is now one of very few high-end phone makers not to have an official IP-rated certification.

Switching to the back of the phone and you'll notice one of two major design changes: the ceramic fingerprint sensor. It's now placed within easy reach of your index finger on the back of the phone, and is finished to closely match the Midnight Black.

Of course, the fingerprint sensor moving to the back has been necessitated by the biggest change to the phone, and that's the large 6-inch screen on the front. Now that there's an 18:9 display, the bezels are much smaller and therefore can't play home to a fingerprint sensor.

Minor changes from the OnePlus 5 include the camera housing on the back, which now has gently curved, sloping edges to make it feel more like one seamless part of the phone. There's also the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + spare parts is ever-so-slightly taller and wider than its predecessor.

OnePlus 5T
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